About Us

Bahmani Manufacturing And Industrial Technology

Bahmani Manufacturing Industrial Technology (BMIT) is the group’s manufacturing arm and is known to the regional market by its brand name NOOR. Its subsidiary, NOOR Solar Technology (NST), is specialized in providing a range of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, from state-of-the art PV panels to battery storage and power inverters for a complete off-grid power solution.
NOOR Generator Technology (NGT) is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of diesel generators and are collaborating closely with world top brands like Perkins and Leroy-somer.
Today BMIT has become one of the biggest players in the power solution market by focusing on value chain and providing smart energy solutions and using innovative technologies.

We are helping our customers to make their power solutions sustainable

About Bahmani Group.

The Bahmani General trading was founded in 1986 and expanded rapidly. In 2006 the founders invested in travel and tourism business and after 9 years the group was established in 2015, becoming an integrated commercial,industrial, travel and tourism and real estate group.
BAHMANI group being an entrepreneurial company with more than 30 years’ experience in the energy retail market, started in 2017 manufacturing in Dubai and became one of the leading energy solution provider.
Bahmani group employs over 300 people in UAE and 30 people in Europe and operates nine division comprising, PV Solar panel, Generating Set, Inverter, Real estate & developing, Hotels, tourism and travel, trading and technology engineering.
Bahmani group are developing and providing premium quality products and services and creating sustainable and profitable solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

Our Core Values


We strive to be a reliable partner to our customers through our professional staff who give their best to provide highquality service to meet different customer expectations and through our high-quality products.


Our culture is based on a deep respect for our customers, the environment and our staff which reflects all our activities
and decision making


We believe in a sustainable future where the energy and facilities are operating in a sustainable way, our products and solutions are parts of this development.


We take pride in maintaining rigorous standards and continuous improvement in all our processes by providing consistent products which ensures the satisfaction of our customers.